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Keep Your Company Leadership Strong

Proper succession planning will keep your business going without you. Making the right decisions now will ensure your business entity continues operating in the fashion you desire.

We suggest answering the following questions:

Who will succeed you? The list of possibilities may contain family members, employees or a buyer. Whatever choice you make, you will need a plan that addresses the following:
– Review of existing fiscal policies and procedures
– Strong oversight of your business entity finances
– Accuracy of your financial numbers and tracking methods
– Sufficient funds to pay near-term expenses

How will you exit the company? Well before your departure, your successor should demonstrate the skill and experience necessary to lead the company.

Are your financial records in order? Business valuation depends on accurate financial history records. They satisfy buyer/creditor assessment on purchase price and IRS scrutiny.

Do you have a personal finance plan? Whatever the plan, it should take your future financial needs into consideration.
Protect your family, employees and customers by seeking advice now. We can help you create specific action plans concerning compensation structure, tax laws, and reports to stakeholders.

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