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Anticipate Your Needs and the Market

In today’s tight credit markets, your future financial condition and cash flow needs take on great importance. With information gathered and translated by LLG you can anticipate your future operating results and cash positions. This allows you to identify potential issues and take appropriate action sooner, rather than later.

Financial Forecasts

Market conditions change quickly and privately-owned companies need to stay nimble. LLG can help you forecast your projected business results under multiple scenarios. Possibilities open up. Your response time is faster. You can make the most of market opportunities regardless of economic upturn or downturn. We’ll work with our clients to project revenues, profit margins, net income and cash flows 12 to 24 months into the future.

Cash Flow

You can improve your company’s liquidity, reduce costs and increase profitability through good cash management. Growing companies need to know how to anticipate future cash needs. LLG provides advice based on years of hands-on experience with privately held companies like yours. We help you understand the sources and uses of your cash flow so you can track and project this vital part of your business.

“When times are tight, cash flow is key. Don’t spend money unnecessarily. Hold back on distributions until you can afford it. Try not to spend more than the cash you have on hand.”
–Sander Berman, Partner


Budgeting can help you predict your cash flows and provide a benchmark to measure results throughout the year. Stay on top of your bottom line by generating comparison reports of budgeted vs. actual results. If you are trying to secure credit for lenders or attract private investors, budgeting demonstrates your road map for success.

Capital budgeting analysis can help you examine the benefits, costs and risks associated with potential investments and expenditures. To make an informed decision on what and when to purchase, let LLG run the numbers for you.

“Overleveraging can result in missed market opportunities.”
–Bruce Horwitz, LLG Partner

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