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LLG Audits are Trusted — Good Communication Makes All the Difference

LLG takes a positive approach to business audits. After all, what business owner would not want to know that his firm’s operations and controls adhere to industry best practices? However, more often than not, audited financial statements are required to provide the highest level of assurance to lenders, insurance companies, and investors. In addition, state or federal governments may require a broad range of assurances in order to approve government contracts—assurances that may not be possible without a business audit.

LLG conducts audits of private firms entities in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). LLG has spent more than 60 years perfecting its auditing best practices to ensure the highest degree of trust and reliability. Audit professionals are equipped with the latest technology, industry guidance and education to ensure a smooth process and high standards. With careful planning and years of auditing experience across a wide variety of industry sectors, LLG consistently delivers on its promise of on-time and on-budget audits.

LLG auditing services are customized to meet the needs of clients and their stakeholders. “We get to know the financial measures that lenders, investors and other stakeholders are most interested in, and we pay close attention to those,” said Bill Finestone, managing partner of LLG.

“Communication skills are equally as important as accounting skills when conducting audits,” added Finestone. “We communicate with your staff in a way that allows us to get the answers we need, while minimizing disruption to your operations.”

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